Embark on a quest to become the programmer of liberty!

Alice’s attempt to hack into the LIBRIA Corp’s protocol proved unsuccessful. She was then suddenly contacted by a mysterious underground organization calling itself “The Resistance”. Alice is in danger – LIBRIA has full control over the citizens and they know what she has done. The Resistance is certain: Alice’s actions will lead to a revolution.
To uncover the truth behind LIBRIA, Alice has to sneak past surveillance cameras, drones and security guards. While she makes her way through futuristic Zurich, the Resistance shows her the significance of several locations that led to the reformation – in the same place, 600 years ago.
The time has come to fight for liberty. Start a revolution.

  • Immerse yourself into a dark vision of a Zurich under the control of LIBRIA
  • Learn more about what happened 500 years ago in Zurich and how it changed the world forever
  • Collect lost data fragments and learn more about LIBRIA Corp’s secrets



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